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What is Page Content

Page content refers to all the information contained on a page. This includes images, texts, links, videos, animations and so on. Google has stated that ‘content’ is among its top three ranking factors, this means doing SEO without great content will get you nowhere.

In the case of an online store however, we focus on the description of the product. Taking your time to write great product description is not only going to improve your ranking, but also will encourage buyers to buy from you instead of your competitor.

Page Content Checklist

  • Relevance: Verify that the content is relevant to the Title of the page. You can’t have a page with a Title “The Best Coffee In All of Houston” and have the content on the page talking about “Meat in Texas”. There needs to be consistency.
  • Keywords: The target keyword of the page should be integrated into the content of the page. This means forming relevant sentences/phrases with the keyword for the page and not just listing the keyword on the page. In addition to using your keyword, you can also use alternative keywords/phrases of your target keyword.
  • Responsiveness: Check that the content on the page is responsive to multiple device displays especially that of mobile devices. This will determine how well you are ranked since most search engines use the mobile-first indexing.
  • Avoid duplicating content: Do not use the same content for another product or page on your website and don’t copy product descriptions from the manufacturer or vendor. Someone else might have already used it and this will hurt your ranking.
  • Words count: Make sure to keep the product description at a minimum of 100 words. Always remember content is king. The more content you have for your product description the better it is for ranking.

Also you can read our guide on how to write awesome product descriptions

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